1. Who can apply for I4U’s plan?

All Salaried class individuals are encouraged to apply for our installment plans. Preference is given to people working for large corporations and multinationals.

2. How can I apply for an I4U plan?

1. Visit our website
2. Select the product you wish to purchase.
3. Fill in the online order form (copy of the order form will be sent to you via email).
4. Our friendly sales team will contact you for your order confirmation.
5. You will be informed of the delivery time of your selected product after submitting the required documents and an approval from I4U.

3. I4U have any physical outlets where, I can see the products and Installment4U Plan?

Currently, I4U is exclusively offering online services only.

4.What should I do if my item has not arrived as per the committed time?

In the case of delay delivery, please contact the assigned Relationship Officer or call at our UAN (111-835-835) and they will let you know the exact position.

5. Can I change my order?

Once your request has been approved after all required documents and Advance Payment Cheque you cannot change your request for any other Item.

6. Is this an interest free plan?

Yes the plan is absolutely interest free.

7. How do I pay my installments?

Payments can be made through Post Dated Cheques or through Online Fund Transfer.

8. Do you allow early repayments?

Yes early repayments are allowed.

9. How many brands are available in I4U plan?

Currently I4U is offering top of the line brands.

10. Which products offered in I4U plan?

I4U is mainly offering Consumer Electronics including Home Appliance and Smart Phones & Tablet with the addition of United Motor Bikes.

11. How do I get after sales support?

Most of the products sold on I4U plans are under local warranty so all you need to do is check the warranty card and call the respective customer care centers for efficient services.

12. Can I apply from overseas or other then Karachi city for I4U plan?

I4U is currently offering services in Karachi.

13. How safe is my personal information?

Your personal information/data is secure with I4U data system.

14. Can I purchase more then one item on installments from I4U?

No, you cannot purchase more than one item on installment from I4U.